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  • Arøra Renascentia FTW!
    08/22/2012 05:27 PM
  • Jisser Wow... this site is still here?
    06/11/2011 01:25 PM
  • Genral oh god no more
    10/08/2010 12:49 AM
  • Jisser Neyeaaaaah!!!
    10/08/2010 12:48 AM
  • Xorian Roll Tide?
    10/02/2010 01:48 PM
  • Arøra I'm not sure I'm confortable with having gold selling advertising on our guild website. Why'd this happen? Probably makes the site cheaper.
    09/06/2010 06:28 PM
  • Arøra wtf... advertising?!?
    09/06/2010 06:27 PM
  • Jisser Rena is no longer raiding so, therefore, we are not accepting applictions. Good luck to you.
    08/31/2010 10:41 AM
  • Munchys im trying to apply for ur guild guys but i dont see ne thing to reply himt me up names Munchys Frost dk 5400 gs know all fights skilled and mature 21 years old let me know thxs
    08/30/2010 11:04 PM
  • Jisser It's easy to sit there and say you'd like to have more money. And I guess that's what I like about it. It's easy. Just sitting there, rocking back and forth, wanting that money.
    08/29/2010 11:24 PM
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Congrats to those who completed their Glory of the Icecrown Raider and earned their Frostbrood Vanquisher.....More to come
06/02/2010 11:47 PM by renadmin


Rena progress
05/28/2010 09:23 PM by Lusgian

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Renascentia downs Heroic Lady Deathwhisper to move to 9/12 ICC 25 Heroic
05/28/2010 09:39 AM by Mynden
Good job to all, Sindragosa is next

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Rena is now 8/12 25 man Hardmodes
05/12/2010 09:32 PM by Lusgian

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Renascentia 6/12 heroic mode in first week of attempts
04/15/2010 11:06 PM by Mynden
No screenshots since they all look the same but Renascentia jumps out of the gate in Heroic ICC 25 by downing 6/12 in the first week of attempts. Bosses that died include Marrowgar, Gunship, Rotface, Dreamwalker, Blood Princes and Blood Queen Lanathel. Great job to all.

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